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Casagrande – Rotary Rig – B125xp

Now available – B125XP is one of the Casagrande’s latest generation of the XP (Extra Performance) series of rigs, which offers the most reliable, powerful, versatile and highly manoeuvrable performance.
Due to smart power management (SPM) system, it efficiently controls the engine power required and fuel consumption.
Cutting edge design includes automatic sliding opening of the side compartment doors for full and safe access for maintenance and inspection of all internal components.
Its improved electronics system allows flexible programmability, integrated diagnostic system in real time and download of performed work parameters plus easier and faster parameter customisation.
Like other Casagrande’s rotary piling rigs, the B125XP is designed for easy transport and easy changeover between rotary and CFA piling modes.


Casagrande B125xp (4)

It is suitable for a wide range of applications including;-
– Telescopic kelly bars for a maximum borehole dia. of 1500 mm
– CFA (Continuous Flight Augers) having maximum dia. of 800 mm
– KRC1 Diaphragm Wall equipment until 800 mm trench wide and 29 m depth
– Soil-mixing equipment – max depth 19 m
– Jet grouting equipment – max depth 56 m
– Crane arrangement – capacity 30 ton
Torque (kNm): 125
Max Diameter (mm): 1500
Max Depth (m): 50
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